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Ambient Monitoring Program

Overview of Monitoring Network Design
View background information about the annual Air Monitoring Network Design Plan and a general overview of how the state's air monitoring networks are operated.
2013 Annual Monitoring Network Plan and 5-Year Assessment
Read about the existing monitoring stations operated by the state and local program agencies in North Carolina, the changes we are proposing for the upcoming year, and further changes we are projecting over the next five years.
Monitoring Data
Latest Available Air Quality Indices
View the Air Quality Indexes for several urban locations in North Carolina. Air Quality Indexes may also be reported to the public in newspapers circulated in those areas. A report of the Air Quality Index local to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County (only) is available by means of a computerized voice recording at (704) 333-7664.
Current Monitoring Data Across the State
View data from all active real-time pollutant monitors in the state network.
Current Visibility Across the State
View the current visibility from web cams across the state.
Pollen Monitoring Information
Ambient Monitoring collects pollen data in Raleigh on business days, by a manual method. Interested parties can join an email distribution list for the daily pollen report, or follow it on Twitter.
Data Archives & Statistical Summaries
View summaries, maps, and other information regarding the Air Quality Index(AQI) and various pollutants.
Browse through a collection of printed data summaries and statistical reports regarding ambient air quality.
Special Studies
Review the findings of special projects and studies related to ambient monitoring, including Exceptional Event Documentation packages.
Speciation Monitor Accuracy Forms
Flow check metadata for PM2.5 speciation monitors operated by Ambient Monitoring are available by request and eventually will be downloadable here. To request these data now, please email us.
Quality Assurance Plans and Standard Operating Procedures
View technical documents that describe how Ambient Monitoring data are acquired and data quality is managed.
Custom Data Reports
To obtain ambient monitoring data that are not otherwise available from this page, please describe your request on this form. Fill it out as completely as possible, and either attach it to an email to this email address or FAX it to 919 707-8467.

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